Are you cooking for multiple food sensitivities or restrictions?

Would make ahead breakfast recipes make your life easier?

What would your mornings look like if you had a week's worth of breakfasts ready?

Are you looking for a community to share ideas, questions, encouragement and inspiration? One where you can share both successes and failures with people who understand how challenging cooking "differently" can be?

Come cook with us!

This challenge will involve cooking recipes for your family, receiving their feedback and modifying the recipe again until your family enjoys it. Get your apron ready!!

The challenge will begin with a workshop on breakfast and recipe modifications tips Saturday, January 21.

Three live zoom Q & A sessions MWF

All sessions will be recorded for you.

A private FaceBook group will be available to share

  • questions
  • recipes
  • successes
  • failures
  • ideas
  • encouragement

Questions? Email [email protected]

Cindy Sullivan, MPH, RD, CHES